Cash-Smasher-Secrets. Best secrets for smash your money making ideas.


CHAPTER 1 1.Set up a cross-promotion deal with another web business. Allow them to sell your product as a back- product to their existing customer base. The web business’ product should be related to your product or service. If not, it may not sell that well to a different target audience. 2.Sell your product in a package deal with other web businesses. You can both advertise it and split the profits. For example, if you are selling tennis rackets, maybe you could partner with a tennis ball business and package them together. It is a win/win joint venture deal. 3.Rent your products out for a set period. It's like selling but you get the products back to rent again. You could make more profit in the long run renting your products or services. People today have less money and would rather rent than buy something and only use it once. 5 4.Allow people to subscribe to your products. It works best when selling information products, services, or memberships. You could charge them per week, per month, per quarter or per year. It will bring in secure residual income. Plus, you can sell your subscribers back-end products for single sales. 5.Allow people to lease your products. It's like renting them but they have the option of buying at the end of the lease. For example, if you were leasing out computers, the customers would pay you a monthly fee. If they returned the computer at the end of their lease, you could lease it out again to someone else, or even sell it.

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